Acting Coaching

Acting coaching sessions are designed to support and help you meeting your personal objectives. The focus of each personalised training is designed carefully to fulfil your current needs.


After one-on-one coaching

  • You will be able to discover, acknowledge and improve your creative impulses so once the floor is yours, you are ready to generate aesthetic results from the sensitivity and poetics of your potential.
  • Are familiar with the basic acting fundamentals and techniques for performers, actors, models, singers, trainers and public speakers through practical exercises,
  • Are able to implement various acting techniques while broadening your expressive skills (character Creation)
  • Are able to analyse (Script Analysis), understand and deliver script or any other type of text from a different perspectives
  • Recognize bad habits that prevent reaching a set objective or a simple action while auditioning, delivering a presentation or public speech,
  • Are able to stay focus on a given/set objective-action (Awareness training)
  • Understand which is your role within the set environent and Know-how.
When?Time?How much?

Weekdays and weekends
(days and times to be agreed according to yours and our coach availabilities)
Coaching is calculated in academic hours (one academic hour = 45 minutes)30 euros per hour (special prices depending on your needs)

Register via e-mail:

  • Registration must be done in advance
  • Personal information required (name, phone, e-mail address)

Upon registration the participant confirms that he/she has read accepts the condition of the coaching sessions.
Once the registration has been accepted, participant will receive an email confirmation including the tuition fee to be paid before the start of each coaching session/s


Who is Talentos’s Coach?

Angel Casal

An Argentine scene artist who teaches in the field of theatre.

I put in the foreground the playfulness of teaching combined with the most important things both; before jumping onto the stage and entering the classroom: empathy and enjoyment which are rooted in the need for communication and expression“. Angel Casal

Member of a theatre group from the city of San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina since 1996, gaining experiences in various disciplines/fields: production, scenography, acting, dance and stage management.

Over the years worked as producer, scenographer, actor (movies, tv series, theatre), Commercial’s Model, assistant director, co-director and director.

Education: Stage direction in Buenos Aires, Argentina at UNA (National University of Arts).

Studied with different contemporary teachers from Argentina: Jorge Córdoba – Adriana Adamavosky – Nicolas Solezzi – Adriana Barcia – Hernan Cuello / Robles Romina – Luz Soto – Ana Baldochi, Dr. Suarez Marzal – (Argentina/Uruguay) Estonia: Alice Aleksandridi, France: Claude Bazin – Sandra Zuniga, The USA: Akniht Rosalind.

“I have been acting since I was 16 when I started my first steps as an actor and after 12 years I decided to go behind the scenes and to start my career as a theatre director – I love it! ” Angel Casal

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